Budo Babies

The Budo Babies Class at ArtFit is an introductory karate class for young children ages four to six. This preparatory class is beneficial to younger children in a variety of ways. It assists in building motor skills, focus, discipline, and self-defense that is age appropriate.

This is a great age to start promoting physical fitness and building motor skills in a fun and safe environment. Children will learn to utilize their muscles and gain body awareness which will help with all physical activities as they age. The Budo Babies class instills a love of physical activity that will help set the stage for these  children to live healthy lifestyles as they grow.

This fun 30 minute class allows for the shorter attention span of younger children and provides time for socialization and play at the end of the class. It is kept small with a maximum of only 6 children per class to allow maximum attention from instructors.  This, also, provides an atmosphere where young children can succeed as they learn to focus their attention to the activity at hand for longer and longer periods of time.

Discipline is required in the class but is taught in a gentle and encouraging manner. Children are expected to cooperate with the instructor and other students. This may be challenging for younger children who have not been in a classroom setting, but is a good foundation to have before they attend school.

Self-defense is a difficult endeavor for children at this age. They are not large enough to complete a technique on an adult or larger child, but do have the ability to understand basic principles that could prevent a situation or affect an escape.  They are taught techniques as well as  to evade and yell for help. Children are taught to only use their skills during class times or in situations where they feel “scared or uncomfortable”.

The class prepare younger children for the discipline and activity level for our Kid’s Karate class. Young children who participate in the budo babies program are often mature enough to be able to move up to the regular kids Karate class by 5 years old.