Cristine has been a student at ArtFit since May of 2019. She currently attends aerial silks, with an occasional pole and Focused Flexibility class. She has made so much progress not only in strength and her skill set but in understanding of musicality and artistry. We have really enjoyed watching her progress, but we want her to tell you more about her experience.

ArtFit: What brought you to these classes?

Cristine: I had just moved to the Lubbock area and was looking to do something active that wasn’t a gym. I originally tried Artfit because of the Swordsmanship class offered and really enjoyed it. The dynamic of the whole facility was so impressive (between the camaraderie and family like feel.) that when my work schedule wouldn’t allow me to attend the swords class, I tried the silks class and fell in love. It was incredibly difficult, which only made me more determined and it is fun for me to keep challenging the limitations I had at the time and what I have yet to come as I advance. Each class I attend is always unique and different, so I learn something new every time.

ArtFit: What benefits have you gained from taking these classes

Cristine: One of the biggest benefits I’ve had is how much stronger I have become both physically and mentally as a person. I struggle a lot with self-doubt and silks and the people that are a part of it has helped boost my confidence and become more outgoing.

I have always had a hard time with being a “fluid” person. In the military, everything from how far you step to how long your arms can reach is regulated. Silks has made me challenge that. To move with music and essentially float around. This was a concept so alien, it was hilarious trying to move and not stop at a set place. But I find myself even at home hearing music and thinking “oh I can do this move and move my hand like so” and on and on. I want to move and dance and just be silly and I can do that where a year and a half ago, it just didn’t happen.

ArtFit: What is your biggest achievement at ArtFit?

Cristine: Right now, I believe my biggest achievement was being able to perform in front of an audience. It’s one thing to be in a class of peers and cheering each other on when we are working on a particular skill but to be dressed up (full makeup and glam (not me in the least)); and accomplish something I have been practicing so hard on in front of complete strangers is in my mind awe inspiring.

ArtFit: What do you hope to gain or achieve in the future through the classes that you take.

Cristine: I want to stand tall and say I can do anything. And through that, maybe inspire the people around me to try something new even it if seems crazy. I tried Silks on whim and in the end, I found inspiration when I couldn’t find my way. I can’t think of doing anything else.

ArtFit: Please tell us about any positive experiences that you have had with ArtFit or anything else that you would like to share.

Cristine: With the help of Artfit, I have more confidence. I’ve become very fit and getting more flexible. By staying positive and working hard, before I knew it, I had lost over 50 pounds.

ArtFit: Tell us about any awards or achievements that you would like to share.

Cristine: One of my favorite working achievements is getting closer and closer to a complete split (inverted or otherwise). As a kid, to see someone do the splits is just so cool. To know I’m getting there is really inspiring to me.





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