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Pre-Natal Belly Dancing

You’ve heard of pre-natal yoga, but have you heard of pre-natal belly dancing? If you’re looking for an exciting way to stay fit while pregnant, give belly dancing a try. In addition to being entertaining, belly dancing during pregnancy has a wide range of benefits.

Health Benefits: Belly Dancing Strengthens Your Pelvis & Core

Belly dancing can strengthen abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, vaginal muscles, and even the birth canal. Keeping these muscles toned can considerably enhance the childbirth experience. Tucking and untucking your pelvis along with moving your hips works your core muscles, which can help increase your center of gravity and balance. Strengthening your core can result in better posture and helps to keep weight evenly spread throughout the body. You can even use the fluid dance movements you learn in class, such as hip circles, hip rocking, and swaying, and figure eights while laboring!

Emotional Benefits: Body Positive Feminine Dance

Whether you are emotional about your changing body or embracing it, belly dancing can increase your body awareness and celebrates the feminine frame of all shapes and sizes. Learn to embrace your curves and motherhood with this empowering form of dance. For even more information visit our Belly Dance page

Community Benefits: Meet other Women

The ArtFit belly dance community is very embracing. Meet women of different ages and life experiences, and you may even make life-long friends! This unique dance studio is about empowering women and supporting each other. Just be prepared to laugh – a lot – during class, (which has its own list of health benefits).

Belly Dance Classes Available:

Beginner Bellydance is on Mondays at 7 pm, and Intro to Tribal belly dance is on Wednesdays at 7 pm. Sign up for classes here.

Instructors Cheryl, Carla, & Theresa would love for you to join!

Disclaimer: As with everything during pregnancy, you’ll want to clear belly-dancing with your health care provider.

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