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Brandi has been attending classes at ArtFit since April of 2019. She started with pole classes but quickly began expanding her repertoire to include Aerial Silks, Kickboxing, Creative Conditioning, and Focused Flexibility.

We asked Brandi about what brought her to ArtFit and what her experience has been like.

ArtFit: What brought you to these classes?

Brandi: I wanted a workout that was so much more than just your basic everyday gym. I wanted a workout that was both fun and rewarding at the same time. I have had an interest in pole fitness for some time and was looking for a place in Lubbock that offered this.

ArtFit: What benefits have you gained from taking these classes?

Brandi: Knowledge, technique and skills are all benefits learned from these classes. With the combination of taking all the classes that I have been taking over the last year, I have managed to gain a ton of strength, some toning, and I have lost almost 20 pounds. I am on a mission to lose the rest of my weight but not rushing it.

ArtFit: What do you hope to gain or achieve in the future through the classes that you take?

Brandi: I hope to gain more self-confidence to give me the drive to achieve and advance in higher levels. I also hope to perfect techniques and perform one day.

ArtFit: Please tell us about any positive experiences that you have had with ArtFit or anything else that you would like to share.

Brandi: Every experience at Artfit has been very positive. Cheryl, Olivia and all of the staff are very uplifting and help in every way possible for you to reach your goals and progress in each level. Every day, I walk into Artfit it makes my day brighter!

I encourage anyone looking for a fun upbeat environment full of positivity to give Artfit a try. You will not regret it! ”

Artfit: Tell us about your reward and achievement.

Brandi: The positive comments that I receive are rewarding to me. Pushing myself and seeing results has been a huge reward and a great achievement.

My biggest achievement at Artfit is staying motivated and keeping my determination. Each time I see progress I feel like I have made a big achievement. That gives me the push to work even more.

Thank you, Brandi, for sharing your experience. We love hearing from our students and enjoy seeing them attain their goals and excel at their art.

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