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ArtFit strives to provide personal enrichment as well as physical wellness to students through quality instruction in a supportive environment.

ArtFit Hip Hop Classes Lubbock

Our hip hop classes are exciting and progressive. These classes diverge from the regular pom and cheer dance classes by exploring the grounded and intricate street style of hip hop. This high energy class focuses on pop and lock movements, isolations, smooth foot work, and ground work.

Our hip hop classes provide a solid hip hop foundation. Our curriculum includes technique, choreography, improvisation skills, dance theory, and the application of these skills. This class will teach a blend of East coast and West coast styles that will create a comprehensive and multidimensional style. This is a seamless blend of pop and lock techniques mixed with the soft and smooth movement that are the foundation of hip hop.

Hip-hop movements

This class teaches a wide range of movements and concepts. The students learn how to control the body to create the hard ridged stops and starts that create pop and lock techniques. The soft and smooth side of the class will focus on keeping the body fluid and will teach how to flow from one movement to another. Students will also learn the techniques involved in footwork and Tutting. These practices combine to form the wide range of basics that are hip hop fundamentals.

This class teaches more than just techniques. It incorporates dance theory and how to implement it into the students personal dance style. This includes concepts that keep dance interesting, dramatic and emotional. Student will learn more than technique. They will learn how to to put emotion into their dance with, not only their face, but with their body as well.

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This class provides an excellent workout for those who are interested in getting into shape as well as learning to dance. Hip hop is a high energy dance that includes multilevel dancing, meaning you are going from standing to the ground and back multiple times. This raises heart rate and increases muscle strength. The pop and lock aspect of this class will help build muscle and tighten one’s core. Hip hop is a dance dance that creates strength and cardiovascular endurance. This class teaches exemplary hip hop while creating an amazing and fun workout.

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