A burlesque was originally a dramatic work designed to be comedic. The meaning, however, has changed over time. It became know as more of a variety show with singing, dancing, comedians, and a variety of other acts. Eventually, the burlesque show went out of style in Europe. In America, however, the popularity continued as singers and dancers replaced strippers who acted out characters while teasing their audience. The ever evolving concept of burlesque has been revived and redefined by the 2010 film by the same name, awaking the public’s interest in this type of performance.
The movie Burlesque combines the best of the variety shows with with an abundance of sex appeal. The musical scenes have singing, dancing, and characterization with surprisingly little nudity. This style is fun and sexy as it portrays theatrical dance with a sensual side. This is appealing in many ways. It allows for an escape of reality while the performer takes you to new places and discovers new characters.
Our burlesque class is a fun, high-energy hour that gets you in touch with your sexy side. The choreography follows the concept of the movie and allows the students to explore fun characters and a sexy side of themselves in a fast paced workout style class.
We keep it light, fun, and a little bit spicey. Workout with us while learning burlesque style dances with fun props such as gloves, heels, boas, chairs, and more. These are high energy dances that are suited for every dance and fitness level. This class burns calories like an aerobic classes but you’ll never notice that you are working out. Every few weeks we introduce a new dance that is designed to boost cardiovascular levels while teaching dance steps and combinations. No worries, because you rock it out without taking off your clothes!