An Ordinary Object Could Save Your Life

By November 12, 2015Martial Arts, Self Defense

Self-Defense using Daily Objects

Many objects that are carried by people daily can be used effectively for self-defense. With a little forethought and minimal training, everyday items can be an armory of improvised weapons. Keys are carried by virtually all people as well as cell phones, pens and sunglasses. All of these items can be used for effective self-defense as force multiplying object, an object smaller and harder than the hand used to multiply the force of a strike.



Almost everyone carries house or car keys. Keys can be an effective force multiplier. Many of us were taught at a young age to prepare to defend ourselves by carrying our keys sticking out between the fingers while the rest of the keychain is gripped in the fist. This is highly effective and makes a thrust toward the face very incapacitating. Thank your mother for that one. She was right.

Cell Phones

A cell phone is another object that most people carry with them today and can be a useful tool in preventing crime. Taking pictures or video of suspicious surroundings or people is a great deterrent to anyone wanting to do something illegal. Using the camera feature to look around dark or dubious corners before exposing yourself is also an excellent tactic.  Cell phones can also be used as weapons. Many cell phone cases are impact resistant. This allows the corners of the cell phone to be used as great force multipliers for striking.


Pen as weapon
Many people have pens easily accessible, and they are convenient to put in your purse or pocket.  Pens are an immense force multiplier. Striking with a pen causes pain and can cause serious wounds to soft tissue areas which will aid in identifying a suspect. Regular pens will work, but tactical pens are available that are made of hard military grade aluminum and are shaped and gripped for striking effectiveness while still being a working pen.


The arms of sunglasses are long and slender and are made of mild metal or hard plastic. This material is capable of stabbing in the eyes or neck if gripped like the keys. They will probably break during impact leaving a jagged tip should you need to stab again.

With a little training, these objects can be the difference between victim and victor. These items paired with basic techniques, and a little tactics will make anyone capable of thwarting a potential attacker.

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