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Pole Dance Classes

Unleash Your Strength with Pole Dance
at ArtFit Lubbock

Why Pole Dance?

Pole dance has surged in popularity as a fun and innovative workout. It combines strength training, muscle sculpting, and aerobic exercise, making it a comprehensive way to build fitness while enjoying the artistic and challenging elements of dance.

Comprehensive Exercise

Pole dance builds muscle in every part of the body. Participants quickly develop the strength to lift their bodies, perform dynamic movements, and execute poses. It sculpts arms, abdominals, legs, and glutes while burning calories and improving aerobic capacity—all while having fun.

Always Challenging

Pole dance offers limitless possibilities, constantly pushing boundaries and providing new challenges. It keeps workouts exciting and engaging, promoting continual learning and artistic expression.

Class Levels

Beginner: Focus on basic moves, spins, climbs, and strength building.

Intermediate: Incorporates harder spins, half inversions, and transitions.

Advanced: Performance-ready aerial combinations and artistry.