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The popularity of pole dance has increased rapidly over the last decade, and for good reason. Many women, and some men, have shook off the social stigma surrounding pole dance and discovered that it is a fun and innovative way to workout. Pole dance has become the exercise of choice for many people looking for an alternative way to build muscle, burn calories, and participate in something that challenges them every time they work out.

Pole dance has its beginnings in strip clubs, but it has emerged on the competitive scene as an artistic, graceful, gymnastics-like sport. This new endeavor has developed into a beautiful, strength- oriented dance. Watching an advanced dancer perform makes it obvious why so many people across the world have begun pole dancing for fun and fitness.

Pole Dance is a Comprehensive Exercise

Pole dance is a comprehensive exercise that builds muscle in every part of the body. Participants quickly discover that they rapidly build the strength that they need to lift their body, move themselves up and down the pole, and into poses they couldn’t do before. The body becomes sculpted, arms strong, abdominals defined, and legs and glutes tight. During all of this strengthening and sculpting, the body is burning calories and it begins to work in aerobic capacity as well. All of this occurs in the body while the dancer is just having fun.

Pole Dance is Challenging

Pole dance is an activity that is always challenging. It is not a workout that becomes mundane and boring.There are always emerging athletes pushing the boundary of what can be created on the pole, and inspiring others to do the same. The unlimited possibilities in pole guarantee that there is always room for learning, challenging the body, and exploring the artistic and musicality elements of the dance.

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This class is designed for the novice. No fitness or dance experience required. Pole dance IS something that you can do. During this class, we focus on dance moves, floor work, basic spins, the basic climb and sitting combinations. We ensure that you are building strength and confidence so that you can accomplish the harder moves that come next.


This class is amazingly fun and challenging! It incorporates the moves from beginner, harder spins, half inversions, leg hangs and interesting transitions from floor to pole along with new combinations.


This power packed class is not for the faint of heart, but it is for students who want to go beyond basic tricks and create art. This performance ready aerial class focuses on aerial combinations and artistry.

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