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Arielle has been taking the Level 2 Pole class with Olivia. She has been at ArtFit for 2 years and just recently moved into our Intermediate class. She did an amazing job on her first day in that class and we are excited to watch her continued journey. Here is a little more about Arielle and her experience in pole classes at ArtFit

Artfit: What brought you to these classes?

 Arielle: I have always been interested in the art of pole dancing. I love the sensuality of it and how it allows me to be in touch with my feminine and masculine energy. I love how strong it makes me feel, and the satisfaction I get from learning a new move. I started pole a few years prior to coming to ArtFit in Houston, when a friend invited me to come to a private lesson that she was teaching for me and some of my friends. I fell in love with it, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or the funds to continue. Once I moved to Lubbock for graduate school, I knew I needed to invest in some sort of artful escape that would keep me sane to balance the stress of pursuing a graduate degree in engineering. Therefore, I used this as an opportunity to get serious about pole dancing, and thus I found ArtFit through a Google search. Since then, I push myself to attend at least 1 class a week, and I have loved it ever since!

ArtFit: What benefits have you gained from taking these classes?

Arielle: This class challenges my strength on so many levels! I have gained a new sense of mind/body connection, that has translated to both my pole work, and my workout regime. Having come from a weightlifting and sports background, you would think this mind/body connection should be innate. However, practicing it with pole dancing has pushed my body to another strength level that I would have never been able to harness with just weightlifting. Another benefit I have gained, along with physical strength is an overall higher sense of self. I have a better appreciation and love for my body and its capabilities through pole dance. Pole dancing has also led me to want to explore other forms of art and body movement, like yoga.

ArtFit: What do you hope to gain or achieve in the future through the classes that you take? 

Arielle: Pole dancing has definitely helped me appreciate the skin I’m in and everything that comes with being me. So, I hope to continue to grow in my self-love journey through getting stronger and more confident with my pole skills. I also hope to soon advance to the intermediate/advanced pole classes, and perhaps one day try a Lyra class!

ArtFit: Please tell us about any positive experiences that you have had with ArtFit or anything else that you would like to share.

Arielle: Overall, my 2 years at ArtFit have been very positive. Classes with Olivia are amazing. I love the energy she brings to the course, and her amicable nature. Because of this, even on days that I don’t feel as though I have done my best in class or I’m just having a sucky day, she and the rest of the class always help to bring me out of my funk. She also always gives the best explanations for moves, that allow for easy translation onto the pole. Last year, around the time we were supposed to have the showcase, both Olivia and Erika were so supportive of me and helped me a lot with creating choreography for my routine. I look forward to this year’s showcase!

ArtFit: What is your biggest achievement at ArtFit?

Arielle: My biggest achievement is finally (sometimes) knowing how to invert! With more practice and strength training, I know I will be able to do inverts more seamlessly and continue to learn more inverted pole moves.

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