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Rosendo Luna has been taking classes from Walt Bushey at what is now Artfit for sixteen years. He met Sensei Bushey when his Aikido school lost their lease and began practicing at Sensei Bushey’s facility. Shortly after, Rosendo began training in the Japanese weapons system with Sensei Bushey.

Through the years he has acquired much knowledge and skill in the Japanese weapons systems and has put that knowledge to use as an instructor. He is always available to help teach the classes at Artfit. He is specifically proud of his opportunities to study with Grandmaster Komi Sekiguchi and Grandmaster Nobuko Shimizu who visit Lubbock to share their knowledge of their respective systems on a regular basis.

Rosendo’s knowledge of weapons includes long sword, short sword, knife, walking stick, four-foot staff and seven-foot yari. He has recently added boxing and stick-fighting to his repertoire as well. Rosendo has toughly enjoyed his journey in martial arts, from student to instructor and hopes to continue learning and teaching.

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