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Sweat Can Be Addicting

By September 15, 2015No Comments

Quick Fixes Don’t Last

We live in a fast paced society that makes it hard to remember that some things are still earned through hard work and sweat. On every television and radio station, website, or grocery isle is an advertisement for products that promise amazing results with no work. These products primarily appeal to our vanity. They tend to focus on wrinkles, cellulite, weight loss, and just about every industry manufactured “problem” that pertains to our bodies. Unfortunately, this is a marketing contrived misconception. They are quick fixes that do not last, and can be harmful, if they even work at all.

Put in the Effort

The good news is that there are truly ways to curtail these “problems” if you are inclined to do so. The bad news is that it may take getting a little sweaty, a bit of self-control, and even a little discomfort. Weight control and health can be attained, but forget the easy stuff. Resign yourself to putting in the effort as distressing as it sounds.


Sweat Earned Accomplishment

At ArtFit, we specialize in sweat earned accomplishment, so I have learned a few things about it over the years. Without trying to sound like a motivational poster, accomplishments are so much more meaningful when they are earned. We have become so accustomed to not being uncomfortable that we have forgotten the exhilaration of accomplishing something through hard work and effort.

Set Goals

Find something that you enjoy doing, and set goals to accomplish activities, not inches around your waist. Focus on what your body can do, not what it looks like. Fuel your body with food that is good for you, not just easy to find. You will find this makes the work so much more enjoyable, and the goals more achievable.

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You can win a title fight! You can achieve that crazy pole dance move! You can lose 75 pounds! In the midst of the struggle it seems like you will never get there. You may feel like you can’t even make the next five minutes, but you can. You can achieve these goals. When you do, you will never forget how good it felt. You will want to do it again. Set another goal, work hard, and achieve it.
Be careful. It might even become addicting.

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