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Your Whole Health

By January 4, 2016No Comments

Whole Health

Modern culture has deemed being busy and stressed as being productive.  This attitude is having a devastating effect on our health. As more people are becoming aware of the situation, the terms whole health and integrated medicine are no longer know to only a few. Many people are familiar with these terms, but few practice them. It is important to realize that stress, food, exercise, and modern medication can unite in the fight against disease and in improved wellness.


Many people wear their stress like a badge of honor.  Unfortunately, stress is a major component in our overall health. This mindset is affecting our mental and physical wellbeing. Stress can directly affect heart issues, blood pressure, and inflammation, among a host of other problems. It is time we took a step back and relax. Actually, relax.

Yoga or meditation may not be your thing, but at least take time to let the pressure of the day to day go, take a deep breath, and appreciate the quiet. Set aside time daily or weekly to recover. It is not a luxury. It is important to your health.



Our busy lives also affect how we eat. There is a fast food restaurant on every corner. As a society, we have forgotten the importance of nutrition. We don’t even question whether or not the food that we put in our bodies will fuel it throughout the day, if it can really be considered food at all. Fast, processed food lacks nutritional value and is often full of synthetic or genetically altered substances. In our search to be “productive” we have created a diet with a substantial lack of nutrition that not only keeps us from being well but is making us sick.

Wallpaper-2069 It is hard to sort through all of the food and nutrition information out there, but it is safe to say that fast food is not the way to go. Not everyone has to be an organic only vegan. It is responsible, however, to eat organic as much as possible, eliminate foods that do not serve a purpose in fueling your body, and avoid processed foods. Making minor adjustments can improve overall health and to contribute to enhanced wellness.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Wallpaper-8900Desk jobs, video games, and access to automobiles have contributed to a lack of physical exercise. We don’t move as much during the day as we did even 20 years ago. If we are not getting physical activity in our daily lives, we have to find ways to create movement for our bodies. Many people still tell themselves that exercise is just for those who want to lose weight or have defined abs, but exercise plays a big part in total health. Proper exercise can directly affect many of the chronic problems plaguing us today.


Exercise reduces stress, the risk of heart disease, and osteoporosis. Back pain and arthritis are not excuses to not exercise, because it actually helps these problems as well. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to receive the benefits of exercise. A simple change in life style will do. Find a dance class or go for a walk. Sedentary lifestyles are a plague that can easily be fixed if we are serious about taking control of our health.


Modern Medicine

Modern medicine has its place in health care, but its primary focus has always been the treatment of disease. This is an important focus. There are many health problem that need medical attention, but it is important to take control of personal health care before problems arise that require the need for medication. Total health is a twofold process.  Disease prevention and improved wellness are not the responsibility of the doctors, they are the responsibility of the patient.

We must realize that our health needs to be a priority. It is imperative that we adjust our lifestyles to make room for stress reduction, good nutrition, and exercise. We can no longer afford to make excuses about being “too busy”. Too busy is not good. It is not healthy. It is time to take control.


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