Real Women…Real Dance…Real Fitness

ArtFit offers unique Lubbock dance and fitness classes for women.

Our instructors are dedicated to providing women of all ages, shapes, and sizes with, not only the best Lubbock dance instruction and fitness classes, but also with a tight-knit female community full of fun and encouragement. Many women enjoy the fun atmosphere at ArtFit. It is a place where they can destress after a long day of work or school and begin to feel free from the negative mind set that many women have about their bodies. At ArtFit, we believe that the encouragement, support, and friendship that everyone receives here, are not only beneficial to accomplishing health and fitness goals, but that we also take this refreshing spirit with us as we go about our daily lives.

Lubbock Dance Classes

Our focus is the health and fitness of the women in Lubbock along with the professionalism of training remarkable dancers. We strive to make our classes not only fun but to provide our clients with remarkable instruction and personal attention. We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving their own personal goals, whether they want to lose weight, improve overall health,  gain flexibility, or simply learn a new skill. We also provide advanced instruction and personal mentoring for dancers who are serious about their craft and seek in-depth coaching.

Our Dance Curriculum

Our curriculum is formulated to help each students attain their personal goals through comprehensive fundamentals, safety, strength building, and artistic guidance. Each dance that we offer starts at the beginning with the basics. No experience, fitness level, or strength is required. A willing spirit is the only prerequisite.

ArtFit’s is the ideal facility for fitness and dance in Lubbock for women who are looking for a supportive environment in which to exercise.  Our unique classes keep fitness entertaining while providing exciting and attainable goals that students enjoy striving to meet. Nourish your creative side, build confidence, get healthy, and have fun at ArtFit.

Our Dance Schedule