Karate Classes


ArtFit strives to provide personal enrichment as well as physical wellness to students through quality instruction in a supportive environment.

Adult Karate Class

The adult Shotokan class teaches traditional Japanese karate in a historical, yet, interesting way. This is a great class for adults who are looking to improve their fitness level while learning self-defense in a practical and traditional way.

Kid’s Karate Class

The Kid’s Karate class teaches traditional karate with a focus on self-defense in a fun and safe environment. Children will learn self-defense, self-discipline, and respect while building leadership skills.






Lubbock Karate can be a wonderful family activity whether you are focused on tradition, self-defense or family fitness. Dento (traditional) Shotokan Karate is a well-rounded, self-defense oriented martial art comprised of striking, throwing/takedowns, grappling, joint locking, and submissions. It is taught in a traditional manner that emphasizes discipline, courtesy, respect, and perseverance as well as highly adaptable and effective self defense skills.


Shotokan Karate has deep roots in both Okinawa and Japan. Brought from Okinawa to Japan in the early 20th century, it was received well by the royal family and then introduced into the Japanese school system soon after. Shotokan Karate is now practiced worldwide with dojo’s in different countries that utilize the same basic core which was brought together by the founder, Gichen Funakoshi. Shotokan derives it’s name from the combination of two words. “Kan” means “House”, and Funakoshi sensei’s literary pen name of “Shoto” which means“waving pines” gives us Shotokan or “House of the Waving Pines”.

Gichen Funakoshi’s background and friendships with other great martial arts masters such as Jigaro Kano, the founder of Judo, has translated Shotokan Karate into a very well-rounded martial art. It includes elements of striking (including kicking and punching), joint locking, throwing/takedowns, and grappling (including escapes and submissions). Shotokan Karate utilizes all these elements in training so that the natural inclination of the student, weather to close-in and grapple, or evade and strike, is harnessed and cultivated. This makes the skill set unique to the student, yet, equally effective in application.


Lubbock Karate Classes can be an activity the is perfect for families. This is a skill set that parents can practice with their kids that provides self-discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness for the whole family. The techniques and focus can be adapted to the needs of the individuals in the family while promoting family fitness.The combination of history, discipline, self defense, and physical challenge which provides a wide range of interests in one artform.

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