Defensive Tactics

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ArtFit strives to provide personal enrichment as well as physical wellness to students through quality instruction in a supportive environment.

ArtFit Defensive Tactics

The Defensive Tactics class at ArtFit goes beyond the typical self-defense course. It is designed to provide the people of Lubbock with tactics and training in order to decrease the possibility of a physical or close quarters attack and to provide the student with viable self defense skills in the event they become necessary.

Defensive Tactics is a pragmatic and effective skill set that is comprised of a variety of techniques for empty hand defense, civilian legal edged and blunt force weapons, improvised weapons, and firearms skills . In this class students will become proficient in defensive strikes and control techniques. They will learn techniques for tactical folding and fixed blade knives, tactical flashlights, collapsable and solid batons, firearm methods and other equipment used for home invasion defense. It also provides information on the Castle Doctrine, and conceal and carry.

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This class not only caters to the law enforcement officers and commercial and private security professionals in Lubbock and the surrounding area, but is ideal for CHL holders and any citizen concerned with personal, travel, and home safety who would like to improve or maintain their skill set through practice and instruction.

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Realistic Training

Training is provided in as close to a realistic environment as safely can be done. Students wear real work uniforms or street clothes including any duty equipment used on the job, This includes any weapons that would be carried during normal day to day operations or activities. Classes are taught in full light, low light, and no light environments as well as at the live fire range. Shooting classes are run in both daylight and nighttime and also in inclement weather to acclimatise the students to real-life situations.

Professional Weapon Discipline

Control over the training and professional weapon discipline is maintained at all times with safety as our a prime concern. This is an adult only class which requires professionalism and a serious mindset. It is designed to impart real world skill sets to people who are concerned with or whose job requires that they come in contact with real world threats.

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