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Flexibility is an important fundamental of physical fitness, however, it is the most often over-looked component.

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Flexibility is key to many dance and sports techniques. It’s importance ranges from being as simple as stretching a muscle to prevent an injury or as integral as allowing the athlete to complete a movement he or she could not do otherwise. Stretching with proper techniques can improve athletic techniques, prevent injury, and reduce pain as well as improve mobility and decrease stress.

Tight muscles lead to injury in sports and dance. It is important to stretch integral muscles so that they can perform their duties efficiently and without strain. Many martial arts and dance techniques rely on more extreme flexibility. These moves require more than a few minutes of stretching before practice. They require a focused stretching routine formulated to improve flexibility in specific parts of the body. A consisted stretching program allows martial artist and dancers the ability to improve their athletic performance.

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The Flexibility class at ArtFit uses a variety of stretching techniques to help students reach their goals, whether it is improved mobility or extreme flexibility for sport or dance. We combine the fundamentals of yoga along with active, passive, static, and isometric stretching. We also include the techniques of PNF, or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. This allows for the greatest increase in flexibility with the highest degree of safety for the students. This class is self-paced and allows the students to proceed within a range in which they feel comfortable and is designed for the safety and comfort of the students.

Benefits to Flexibility

There are other benefits to a consistent stretching program. Many older people rely on stretching to improve basic mobility, allowing them to go about their day-to-day tasks easier. Many students report decreased pain, most notability in the back and hips. Many report less pain in the neck and shoulder areas as well. Stretching also reduces stress and relaxes the body. Many practitioners also feel a renewed sense of energy and vigour after participating in class.

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