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Dance like nobody is watching.

Dive into the exhilarating world of dance and aerial fitness - where our students are inspired to reach new heights while embracing every moment of their workout.

Something for Everyone.

Fitness classes that span across all ages and abilities!


Train like a Warrior.

Prepare to unleash your inner warrior in our martial arts classes, where every move is a step closer to mastering both mind and body!


Unlock your Potential.

Fitness at our studio is a journey where we celebrate your progress, whether you're mastering flexibility or sculpting your body with personalized training sessions. Join us and make every workout an adventure towards your best self!

dance | martial arts | fitness | 

dance | martial arts | fitness | 

dance | martial arts | fitness | 

dance | martial arts | fitness | 

dance | martial arts | fitness | 

Best martial arts in Lubbock and the dance instructors are fun and unique, can't get a better deal for any of the awesome activities at Artfit!!


…I have now lost a total of 9.5lbs. Each week really does get easier. I enjoy the belly dancing class and the body shaker class, they are a lot of fun…The best part of all of this is seeing the changes in my body….Thanks for everything.


When Cheryl dances, I think of a long wave of sparkling water. Her moves are so fluid. She is refreshingly different; a style of her own. It is unusual to see this kind of confidence and musical interpretation at any age, at any point in time. She is special.


I am so glad we started. I love learning the history of belly dancing and the different forms. This is a great dance studio!!!


My boys LOVE IT, 10 years+....... Best decision I have ever made, helped mold my boys into respectful and responsible young men.