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Most of our classes are fitness oriented and provide a great workout. Our Boot Camp class and personal training are great options for those who want an added boost to their workout regimen.

ArtFit Fitness

Most of the classes that we offer at ArtFit are designed to improve physical fitness as well as skill. We also offer classes and personal training that target specific areas of fitness. These classes and training sessions can be used as a complete regime or as a supplement to a regular martial arts or dance training program. Cross training and training focused on a specific aspect of fitness is important to overall physical well-being, and we have provided these classes for this reason.









Cross Training

Whether your passion is dance or martial arts, it is important to find ways to cross train, or improve your fitness level outside of your preferred activity. Every sport or physical art form requires a specific set of muscles to be used. In these activities, certain muscles are used more repetitively. No matter what activity you train in, some muscles are not going to be worked as hard as others. Cross training allows you to train muscles that may not be used as often in a regular routine.

Some activities require a great deal of strength, and it can be difficult to attain a goal with just repetition of a difficult move. It is beneficial to find different ways to help improve strength for a particular activity. Allowing muscles to become stronger through a multitude of activities, can make attaining a goal occur faster and easier.

Flexibility is another important piece of physical wellness that most people don’t spend much time focusing on. Although stretching is included in all of ArtFit’s classes, improved flexibility takes dedication and focus. We offer classes devoted to improving overall flexibility for sports and dance activities. Flexibility is important in injury prevention as well as improved athletic ability. Adding specific fitness based workouts to your core curriculum can improve overall fitness levels, prevent overuse of muscles and joints, and prevent injury.

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