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ArtFit strives to provide personal enrichment as well as physical wellness to students through quality instruction in a supportive environment.

ArtFit Lubbock Karate Classes

The Lubbock adult Shotokan karate class at ArtFit teaches traditional Japanese karate in a historical, yet, interesting way. This is a great class for adults in Lubbock who are interested in karate and who are looking to improve their fitness level while learning self-defense in a practical and traditional setting. The variations of the techniques and principles mean that any person, regardless of physical limitations, can train and use techniques inherent to Shotokan karate for defensive application or as a fitness class as an avenue to improve overall health and fitness. The Adult Shotokan karate class combines all of these concepts to form a comprehensive class designed to fit the needs of adults.

Shotokan Karate

The traditional concepts and principles used in Shotokan Karate keep the virtues and skills of the noble warrior class alive in the modern practitioner. This art includes kicking, punching, takedowns and submissions in kata form, a preset series of movements that teach techniques, as well as bunkai, the physical application of the moves learned from kata against an opponent. This presents a well rounded curriculum focused on tradition and application.

Karate Classes

In addition to the the tradition that is associated with Shotokan karate, our classes focus on the application of technique. Students train in a hands-on and practical environment that provides “real world” training. This training makes the skills that are learned in the classroom applicable in a situation where self-defense may become necessary.


Adaptable Curriculum

We provide Lubbock with karate that uses the strength of Gichen Funakoshi’s traditional curriculum that contains techniques that are adaptable to anyone, regardless of age or physical shape. The techniques of Shotokan can be adapted to the physical abilities of the person training, making it effective as a martial art and self defense discipline for everyone.

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Adults who are interested in self-defense or a unique fitness class will enjoy the Shotokan Lubbock adult karate class at ArtFit. It singularly combines all of these attributes into one course.

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