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ArtFit has an on-site personal trainer that is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our trainer provides services to clients who are in need of regular sessions or the occasional session to check in and revise and update a current workout program.

ArtFit Personal Training Lubbock

Starting a fitness program can be intimidating. There are so many trendy workout routines that it can be hard to discern what is appropriate. Personal training is a great option for those who are fitness novices or for people who have specific needs or goal they would like to meet. Our personal trainer can put together a routine that is personalized to fit the needs of the client. Each session will be created based on the clients needs, goals, fitness level, and abilities.

Our personal trainer is also available to help you start a fitness program of your own or to help revise an existing program as the client becomes more physically fit. This is, also, a great opportunity for athletes that are already participating in a martial arts or dance program but want to focus on improving their performance in a specific way. Our trainer can create a program designed around improving the technique, endurance, or strength for a particular activity.We can customize a workout regimen to fit any fitness need.

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We are not a large gym. Our focus is on the fun and innovative ways to exercise, not just getting large amounts of people through the door. We offer less machinery, but we pride ourselves in the private and personalized service that we offer for those who don’t like large gyms. We create fitness routines based on a variety of activities. The activities are chosen based on the needs and interests of the client. We can incorporate any of the classes that we offer or structure a weight lifting routine for those who prefer a more traditional workout.

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