Walt Bushey


Walt Bushey began martial arts as a high school student in 1977. This began a long and distinguished career in the martial arts field. It also fostered a passion to defend others in need and to teach them to defend themselves. This would take him to the Air Force and later in the law enforcement field. His technical skills and interest in Hoplology has made him an extraordinary instructor, able to share not only the technique but the history and use behind it.

  • Koryu Bujutsu – Shibucho/Jikimon Kenshi Komei Jyuku Iaijutsu – Senior Instructor.
  • Shotokan Karate – 5th Degree Black Belt
  • Head Coach – House of One MMA Fight Team.
  • Active Texas Peace Officer – Deputy Sheriff of Lubbock County
  • Texas Commission On Law Enforcement – (TCOLE) Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor – Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office/ Hale County Sheriff’s Office/
  • Lorenzo Police Dept./Slaton ISD Police Dept./ Front Line Security Agency/ Allegiance Security Agency.
  • Tactical Solutions Group – Firearms Instructor/Active Shooter Instructor/ Bladed weapons
  • Instructor/ OC Instructor/ Collapsable Baton Instructor/ Pepperball Systems Instructor
  • NRA – Range Safety Officer
  • United States Air Force Veteran


Cheryl Bushey


Cheryl is a well-rounded dancer and athlete with an extensive career in the fitness field as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, kickboxer, and coach. She is also a published writer, magazine model, and award winning dancer and choreographer.


Cheryl began a career in fitness in 1994 and has served in many aspects of that field for decades. She currently teaches Focused Flexibility and Bootcamp classes as supplements to and cross training for the classes that ArtFit offers. She currently accepts a few personal training clients as her time allows.


She began taking kickboxing classes and immediately fell in love with the sport. After several years of full-contact competitive training, she was given the opportunity to teach and coach a kickboxing team, she jumped at the chance. Cheryl led this team to many local, regional, and statewide titles through Texas Amateur Contact Karate Association for almost a decade as the only female coach in the area at that time. She recently has rejoined our martial arts team and is teaching and coaching again.


Cheryl is the head of the dance program at ArtFit where she oversees all of the classes, teaches students, and mentors professional dancers and instructors. She has extensive training in ballet and modern dance as well as the many dance styles that she currently performs and teaches. She has been training and performing in many forms of dance for over thirty years and has spent years studying movement and dance theory.

“My goal is to mentor each student personally to help them achieve the level of dance that they wish to achieve, help them achieve a style that is personal to them, and create a deep understanding and ability to execute dance theory, and provide performance opportunities for those who are interested.”- Cheryl


Cheryl has continued her training to specialize in the Egyptian style of dance by studying with Amaya, her mentor, as well as many of the best dancers in Egypt. She has incorporated the graceful movements and unique staging of ballet into this in-depth study of Egyptian movement, culminating the innovative and graceful styling that makes her a popular performer across the United States and beyond.

“When Cheryl dances, I think of a long wave of sparkling water. Her moves are so fluid. She is refreshingly different; a style of her own. It is unusual to see this kind of confidence and musical interpretation at any age, at any point in time. She is special.`` -Amaya

Pole dance

She began a foray into pole dancing when encouraged by a friend to do it for fun and fitness. Obsessed with dance and any physical challenge, this dance styled appealed to her on many levels. Cheryl has sought training with the best dancers in the field and trained extensively with pioneers of the sport. She has combined it with her extensive professional experience in the fitness field to provide the students at ArtFit with a fun, educational, supportive and safe environment for pole dance classes.

Aerial Silks

This same desire and love of adventure pushed Cheryl to explore aerial silks. This awe-inspiring and beautiful art form appealed to her on many levels. She trains rigorously with, circus performer and inspirational instructor, DeAnna Carney McCandless. Cheryl brings this curriculum and high level of instruction to ArtFit. It is her goal to bring art and fitness together so that each class appeals to students in a physical fitness and an artistic way.

Cheryl has traveled the U.S. searching out the best most talented and informed artist to study with so she can bring the highest level skills to Lubbock. She hopes to inspire others through movement. She enjoys helping women to become more healthy and vibrant while expressing themselves through dance and creating confidence through martial arts.




Olivia is an experienced and talented dancer. She has traveled to California, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to study and perform bellydance. In addition to tribal fusion and cabaret dance, she has a passion for hip-hop and has studied it extensively. Olivia's mentor, former Planet Funk Dancer, Taz Bright has passed on a love for street style hip hop to her along with an appreciation for the intricacies of the dance. Her grace, strength, and exquisite interpretation of music has made her an accomplished pole dancers as well. This well round young lady was also in the first class of Budo Babies that began in 1998 and now has taken over the role of instructor. You can see this lovely lady at ArtFit most days teaching pole dance, hip hop , and Budo Babies.