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Our fundamental fitness class is a high-intensity strength training class that is formulated to provide the highest level of calorie burning and strength training in one quick hour. This class combines strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and interval training. It is designed to burn calories, improve strength, and build muscle in the most efficient way.

ArtFit Fundamental Fitness Classes Lubbock

This class is based on a few modern workout principals; high intensity strength training, high weight and low repetition lifting, and interval training. High intensity strength training is pushing a muscle to failure in a short period of time. This allows for an increase in heart rate as well as a breakdown of the muscle fiber. This results in calorie and fat burning as well as building muscle. For decades, the fitness industry believed that the only way to increase cardiovascular endurance and burn a substantial amount of calories was to maintain and even and slightly elevated heart rate for extended periods of time.

This trend , however, has passed just like the trend of women only lifting light weights but doing extreme amounts of repetitions. We now know it is important to lift heavy enough weights to fatigue your muscle quickly, interval training is the fastest way to improve cardiovascular endurance, lifting weights can be aerobic, and that you can burn calories through this type of exercise. High intensity weight training in intervals is a fast and efficient way to burn calories, build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance.

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The Bootcamp class at ArtFit is perfect as an exercise regime by itself or as cross training for one of our martial arts or dance curriculums. Everyone exercises at an intensity that is compatible with their current level of physical fitness. As you get stronger and more fit, the level of intensity and amount of weight will increase. This class will change your body!

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