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ArtFit strives to provide personal enrichment as well as physical wellness to students through quality instruction in a supportive environment.

ArtFit Lubbock MMA and Kickboxing Class

Our Mixed Martial Art and Kickboxing class is geared toward adults of any age or fitness level. This class teaches the fundamentals and skills for kickboxing, NHB, and MMA to adults in Lubbock. This class is taught as a full contact, competition ready class but is perfect for people who are wanting to train for fun and fitness, as well. The training atmosphere at ArtFit is friendly and helpful. Egos are checked at the door and respect and courtesy is shown by all.

The ArtFit kickboxing class emphasizes stand up striking, kicking, combinations, timing, and movement taught through heavy bag work, paired drills, technical instruction, and sparring. The ArtFit MMA-NHB class emphasizes takedowns, takedown defense, grappling, submissions, and submission defense with counters. This is combined with striking for MMA-NHB competition through technical paired drills that are done at a progressive pace. Sparring time and extensive cardiovascular training are integral as well as bags rounds, focus mitts, weight training and flexibility training to round out the curriculum.

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ArtFit’s Kickboxing and MMA class provides an incredible workout while imparting students with proper techniques, knowledge and skills. This is a great class for those who want an intense workout whether or not that chose to compete is completely up to the individual.

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House of One MMA Competition Team

ArtFit is home to the “House of One” MMA competition team. Our program offers a well rounded technical blend of striking and grappling combined with cardiovascular endurance that gives the competitive athlete an advantage in the cage. ArtFit is also home to the “South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association” in Lubbock. We throw amateur MMA events to give area fighters a venue to match their skills against others. We welcome all MMA competitors to take advantage of our training days. Everyone is welcome to utilize our half cage, and get mat time with other competitors in a safe and professional training atmosphere.

Build Confidence & Muscle while Burning Calories

Competition is not required at ArtFit, and many train to improve overall fitness, feel more confident in their ability to defend themselves, and for the sheer fun of it. This demanding class is a complete body workout. In this class student build muscle, and burns calories at the same time. Students can choose to work drills, sweat, and learn or to engage in light to heavy sparring as they feel comfortable.


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