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Train like a Warrior.

Prepare to unleash your inner warrior in our martial arts classes, where every move is a step closer to mastering both mind and body!

Why Martial Arts?

Martial arts blend physical wellness with personal growth. It’s the science of using your body for self-defense, rooted in ancient traditions from around the world.

Rich History

From Ancient Egypt to Rome, martial arts have evolved, encompassing diverse techniques and philosophies. Today, they offer traditional, sport, and modern applications.

Meet Walt Bushey

Our head instructor, Walt Bushey, brings 38 years of expertise. He’s one of six U.S. instructors licensed to teach Komei Jyuku martial arts and also serves as a Deputy Sheriff.

Our Classes

Join us for Iaijutsu, Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, MMA, and Defensive Tactics. ArtFit is an official branch of the Komei Jyuku in Texas, blending tradition with modern techniques.